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How to Verify a Professional's License in Minneapolis?

Before you hire professionals in the City of Minneapolis, it is essential that you verify the licensing status of such professionals. The Minnesota ELicensing webpage maintains access links to 49 different licensing agency boards, and these boards offer over 200 types of occupational and professional licenses to qualified professionals operating in Minneapolis. For instance, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry issues professional licenses to building professionals, such as construction contractors, working in the city. Confirming a professional's license ensures such professional is qualified for the job, and you can use the license lookup links provided by the relevant agency board handling the professional's license to perform this task. For example, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry maintains a License and Registration Lookup tool that can help you carry out the license verification for building professionals.

In addition to verifying a professional's license, you need to acquire the necessary permits from the appropriate city agency for some types of projects. For instance, if your project requires professionals who provide building, construction, plumbing, or home improvement services, you need permits from the city's Licenses and Permits Office, which is domiciled in the Minneapolis Community Planning & Economic Development. You can contact Community Planning & Economic Development at (612) 673-3000 or email for more information on the permit relevant to your projects.

Do Minneapolis Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Minneapolis is made up of 83 residential neighborhoods, and 70 neighborhood organizations serve these neighborhoods. These neighborhood organizations give members of their neighborhoods a common identity and offer their members a place to exchange information, create projects, and discuss possible concerns and proposed solutions. You can find information about your community neighborhood organization by making use of the city's find your neighborhood map. These neighborhood organizations cannot issue permits, however, they see to the developmental needs and desires of the residents. There is an ongoing reconstruction of the 29th St. W. between Fremont Ave. S. and Emerson Ave. St., and between Dupont Ave. S. and Bryant Ave. S. to improve the pedestrian experience and meet resident's needs within the South Uptown Neighborhood Organization. Likewise, there is a proposed project to add a new layer of asphalt and a new bikeway along 53rd Ave. N. from Penn Ave. N. to the Mississippi River within the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Organization.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Minneapolis?

Complaints regarding the unfair business practices of professionals in the City of Minneapolis are reviewed and investigated by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office. If you are a victim of a professional's deceptive business practices or fraudulent acts, you can file a complaint at the Attorney General's Office by completing either an online Consumer Assistance Request Form or a Fraud Report Form. You should note that the Attorney General's Office cannot help you with private legal actions, so where your complaint is for the recovery of money or seeking redress for personal damages, you need to file a civil action. If your claim is $15,000 or less, you can file a small claims action at the Small Claims Division of the Hennepin County Conciliation Court. You can get free legal advice from a volunteer lawyer in Minneapolis via the Volunteer Lawyers Network by completing its online intake form or calling the intake line at (612) 752-6677. Finally, if you allege criminal misconduct against the professional, you can file a report at the Minneapolis Police Department.

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